Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

Written by Ryan Wild on Monday, 14 May 2012.

Radiant Heating and Cooling, North Creek, NY

Tannery Pond Geothermal Installations

Current trends involving life with a minimal carbon footprint has supported the development and implementation of renewable technologies around the globe.  Albeit slowly, commitment by large corporation to adopt new, green technology as well as incentives from both the federal and state level are making the technology more affordable and available to the average consumer.  

Locally, The Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek, New York has adopted green technologies.  There are six ground source heat pumps installed which provide radiant heat and cooling throughout with air handlers for eight zones as well as provide clear sidewalks in the winter months by melting the snow and ice.  To accompany the geothermal heating system, many Venmar (air to air heat recovery) fresh air exchangers have been installed to help recycle the stale air with fresh, outside, air due to the use of icynene insulation, which creates a very tight, draft-free environment.   

The building received nearly $95,000 of incentives from New York State to offset some of the upfront costs associated with the new, green, building technologies and practices.  The top of the line HVAC installation costs more than conventional technologies upfront, but after three years, the investment began paying the Town of Johnsburg.  

"Began paying?"

Tannery Pond Community Center, on average, costs $24,000 dollars LESS to operate annually than a conventional fossil fuel based system.  Sure, it's an 11,000+ square foot building with a theater, but the numbers do not lie.  Throughout the Adirondack region, similar, proportional savings are commonplace with other geothermal installations.  

The building's HVAC system is controlled with a computer program, which can be monitored and adjusted anywhere in the world.  In anticipation of a full house in the theater or an extended closure of the building for a holiday, the system and building's climate can be adjusted efficiently and effectively. 

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    19 July 2012 at 07:58 |
    Great article, have you considered heat recovery from this website?

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