Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Out of sight, NOT out of mind

"Out of sight, out of mind."  How cliché, I know!  Most systems are installed in areas of the home far from the day to day life activities so one doesn't even notice they're there; Unit they stop working.  So let's do a favor for ourselves and give the system a little attention.  Here's why:

More than likely, the HVAC system is the largest energy hog in one's home. And with rising energy prices, everyone can benefit from having a smaller footprint. You may be wondering, "How would unit maintenance, inspections and cleaningss make my system more efficient?" Well, any part of the system being out of spec can and will inversely effect any machine's efficiency. A clogged air filter reducing flow, an A/C system with the refrigerant charge out of spec, loose belts or even dusty coils, it all can add up out of time.
Increased Lifespan
The drive for improved efficiency has created machines with more moving parts which demand attention to keep them running smoothly for a long, long time. Keeping motors, fans, coils, etc. clean and properly lubricated is essential for the unit to run a long and efficient life with minimal cost of replacement parts.
Maximized Health
We spend a lot of out time indoors, unfortunate as that may be. So why not make our abodes as comfortable and microbe free as possible? Evaporator coils (cold, moist and dark) are constantly wet and harbor the colonization of mold and bacteria and with with use of a simply fiberglass filter, most are permitted to flow through the system and recirculate through the home. Different filters can be used to trap and/or kill these microbes. Treatments to hinder the growth of these microbes can and should be applied to system coils after each cleaning to increase the indoor air quality in one's home.
Maximized Comfort
Air flow can be altered over time by either mechanical failures or microbial buildup. Resolutions to these issues are very minor if not ignored. Whether there is a malfunction in the distribution system or programming coming out of spec the comfort and cost to the owner can be greatly affected.
Systems have many internal safeties to protect you and your home. CO and gas leaks can negatively impact lives of inhabitants. These should be routinely checked to ensure their proper function.
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